Why Do Patients Choose UBERDOC?

UBERDOC helps you get better, faster, by providing priority appointments with top board-certified doctors.

Priority Access

  • Skip the line with exclusive UBERDOC appointments
  • Next day or next day off, we’ve got you covered

Quality Care

  • All UBERDOCs are highly-trained, highly-qualified doctors
  • Get the convenience of a walk-in clinic with the expertise only a Board Certified specialist can provide

Fast + Easy

  • Schedule your appointment online 24/7 in just a few clicks
  • No more phone calls, no more waiting on hold

No Restrictions

  • See the doctor of your choice, not your insurance company’s
  • No insurance network or referral restrictions

Save Money

  • No referral restrictions means fewer appointments, fewer co-pays, and fewer bills
  • Booking through UBERDOC is typically less than you’d pay out-of-pocket with your insurance

No Surprises

  • One transparent and affordable price available only on UBERDOC
  • What you pay on UBERDOC is all you pay—no surprise bills

How Does UBERDOC Work?

UBERDOC is designed to help you get the care you need, when you need it, in just a few clicks.

Choose from a wide variety of highly-qualified doctors near you. No insurance network or referral restrictions. See the doctor of your choice, not your insurance company’s choice.
Select a Day + Time
You don’t have to wait for the care you need. UBERDOCs reserve exclusive appointments for UBERDOC patients. Next day or next day off, we’ve got you covered.
Pay Online
Exclusive, affordable and transparent price paid online with your HSA, FSA or credit card.
See your UBERDOC and get the high-quality care you need to be well. Leave the doctor’s office without fear of surprise bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every doctor is vetted and credentialed before joining UBERDOC. Doctors must be board certified and have an active medical license in the state they are providing services. Exceptions are made for Psychologists, Dentists and Optometrists as these specialties do not require board certifications.

Doctors choose their appointment fee based on specialty and geography. The average cost is $250. You pay $50 when your appointment is confirmed, and the remaining after the completion of the visit.

Included in your UBERDOC appointment is an initial consultation. Any subsequent care or treatment can be through insurance.

If you choose a doctor who is a Medicare provider, you may need to only pay $50 for you UBERDOC appointment. Please discuss with your doctor directly to see if you are eligible.

UBERDOC works outside insurance. Your UBERDOC appointment can be paid for with your HSA, FSA or major credit card. If the doctor is in your insurance network, any subsequent consults, lab tests, procedures and follow-up appointments can be paid for by insurance.

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